M.A.C.J SOT20 Module

M.A.C.J SOT20 Module


The SOT20 features all string ensemble patches and synth pads from M.A.C.J Series. These string patches are very pristine and really soothing and are perfect for layering with.


This template has 23 sounds altogether. This template allows the user to tweak each sound patch to their liking. 


The following items required:

- Must Download MainStage 3 From Apple Store.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your computer macbook will be able to perform while operating this Performance Rack concert!

Please make sure that your macbook has AT LEAST 8G of RAM and A processor that can operate faster and smoothly (At Least Quad Core i5 or i7 processor with a High clock speed 2.6gHz or 2.8gHz.)

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