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"It all started back in middle school when I began to love sounds and really decided to listen in depth to how keyboard sounds work. I've been infatuated with well-known companies and their flagship keyboard sounds and functionalities. Anytime I had a gig somewhere and I encountered any workstation, I'd say to myself, "I'm going to get one of these." but wishful thinking at it's best. However, years later down the line, I got into sound designing and started experimenting with numerous different sounds. Little did I know that I would even create such patches that sounded significant to my ears. This led me to start up my very own sound designing business, 'M.A.C.J Series'".

"I'm a music producer and performing musician so a lot of times I have to create a lot of my own sounds. I knew that I wanted patches that were FULLY versatile in live and studio sessions. Up until this day I haven't had a need to buy any new workstation for FOUR consecutive years! I'm very proud of my accomplishments and I hope that other musicians will enjoy my sounds as well."


- M.A.C.J


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"M.A.C.J Series is founded by Marland Jones aka "MACJ". M.A.C.J Series is a new sound series that provides sound sets for musicians to use for music productions and to perform with on live musical events. M.A.C.J Series offers a wide variety of sounds such as acoustic instruments, wind instruments, string instruments, synth instruments, & percussive instruments. 


M.A.C.J Series provide these sounds in sound libraries or by using them in mainstage templates. M.A.C.J Series creates mainstage templates that are fully packed with impactful sounds. These templates are called "SynthRacks". The synthracks have preloaded sounds inside as well as premapped controls,
making it easier for musicians, specifically keyboard players, to play and alter sounds when needed. This allows keyboard players to play with efficiency and to feel & sound GREAT!"


- M.A.C.J



Mission Statement: 

To provide musicians with the most affordable and high-quality sounds.



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