Abstract Bridge

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"It all started back in middle school when I began to love sounds and really decided to listen in depth to how keyboard sounds work. I've been infatuated with well-known companies and their flagship keyboard sounds and functionalities. Anytime I had a gig somewhere and I encountered any workstation, I'd say to myself, "I'm going to get one of these." but wishful thinking at it's best. However, years later down the line, I got into sound designing and started experimenting with numerous different sounds. Little did I know that I would even create such patches that sounded significant to my ears. This led me to start up my very own sound designing business, 'M.A.C.J Series'".

"I'm a music producer and performing musician so a lot of times I have to create a lot of my own sounds. I knew that I wanted patches that were FULLY versatile in live and studio sessions. Up until this day I haven't had a need to buy any new workstation for FOUR consecutive years! I'm very proud of my accomplishments and I hope that other musicians will enjoy my sounds as well."


- M.A.C.J


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